Bioremediation Products for Eco-Friendly Cleanup Solutions!

Technology Platform

• The exclusive worldwide provider of a proprietary and novel 100% natural microorganic-based technology inspired by the vermi-compost found in soil for transforming the breakdown of organic waste.

• Highly effective and efficacious against aggressive pathogens that it encounters immediately upon application.

• Product is certified by the European Union, South Africa and the United States.

• Our proven technology is scalable and has been applied successfully on a commercial and industrial scale in multi-environmental uses and for many applications.

• Product is useed to remediate contaminated soil, clean sewage, treat wastewater and restore polluted fresh and salt water, desulfur crude oil and bunker fuel, and applied to agricultural land to enhance growth, yield and resilience of crops, livestock, fish and poultry, and as a fire suppressant for jet fuel and other fires by civil fire departments, airports, and at military facilities.

• Valuable outcome from applications can be used for fertilizer and other applications to create a healthy Earth.