Bioremediation Products for Eco-Friendly Cleanup Solutions!


Gaia Klēn MicroMix Aqua is effective in removing oils and other hydrocarbons in:

  • Ocean Pollution
  • Ground Contamination
  • Oil Wells
  • Drilling Mud

Gaia Klēn MicroMix Aqua attacks the carbon structure of hydrocarbons to metabolize it into natural organic substances from the humus family. Aquatic plants and animal life will feed on this nutrient.

It removes strong, pungent odors; within hours of application, odors will be negligent. Once it has been applied to oil, even if the oil disperses, sinks or fragments, it will not be able to evade decomposition until every last drop of oil has been totally broken down.

Gaia Klēn MicroMix Aqua breaks down the adhesive properties of the hydrocarbons, preventing the oils from attaching to animals, vegetation, rocks or earth.

Hydrocarbon Oils Clean-Up – Bioremediation – Ecology Treatment