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Grease & Fats Overview

Grease and Fat Remediation.



Grease traps also known as grease interceptors are plumbing systems that serve as our first line of defense in the environment when it comes to preventing fats, oil and grease (FOG) from entering the water waste management system and eventually the ocean. Waste water treatment plants are not able to cope with FOG. This piece of equipment, which is usually made of hard plastic, fiberglass or concrete and placed inside the kitchen or buried underground, is therefore very important when it comes to reducing the impact of our existence to the environment.

When grease from food chains, restaurants and even from residential kitchens gets into the wastewater unmitigated, it would have the similar effect to that of an oil spill which is why water waste management systems are enacted to control this effect. Without grease traps, water waste management will have less effect controlling the influx of FOG.

This technology is therefore our first line of defense and without it the price we will pay will be great.


Fats, oils and grease from kitchen waste are hydrocarbons. The difficulty in breaking down any hydrocarbon is the long carbon chains within the hydrocarbons.  Gaia Klēn Aqua bacteria are able to break down these carbon links quickly, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner as  Gaia Klēn  is a completely natural group of bacteria.

The floating FOG in any grease trap is a continuous process, as the inflow never ceases during normal kitchen operations. The food that drops at the bottom cannot be decomposed by  Gaia Klēn  as it sits in an anaerobic zone, however the FOG are on the surface, therefore aerated and aggressively decomposed by  Gaia Klēn Aqua.

Gaia Klēn AQUA:

Gaia Klēn Aqua was developed to counter the limitations of conventional on-site re-mediation. As a 100% organic fluid oil remediation product, it can be utilized on-site even in the most sensitive ecosystems. Its natural ingredients are derived from glucides and essential amino acids which form powerful decomposing agents that stimulate the natural predisposition of certain bacteria to produce enzymes capable of breaking down the hydrocarbons in organic matter. The hydrocarbons are thereby transformed into bacterial proteins that form a biological mud and a mixture of soluble fatty acids. This final product is completely environmentally friendly and favors the development of beneficial organisms and microbes

Gaia Klēn Aqua has a natural surfactant that allows the  Gaia Klēn Aqua bacteria to cling to any hydrocarbon until the hydrocarbon in this case, FOG is totally decomposed. It is recommended to have a dosage unit that automatically drips on top of the surface of the grease trap. It can also be sprayed. In the event that either process is not practical or possible, Gaia Klēn Aqua can simply be flushed down from the basin. It will automatically eliminate all odors from the grease trap or sink and attach itself to the grease.

This process is fast and cost-effective while providing adequate protection for human health and the environment. The long-term benefit of using  Gaia Klēn  is that it facilitates biodegradation by natural means.