Bioremediation Products for Eco-Friendly Cleanup Solutions!

Fat-Oil-Grease (FOG)

Gaia Klēn EcoFlush breaks down hydrocarbons (oils, fats, and grease) into simple organic matter.  It is derived from glucides and essential amino acids which form powerful decomposing agents.

The hydrocarbons are transformed into bacterial proteins that form a biological mud and a mixture of soluble fatty acids. This final product is completely environmentally friendly and favors the development of beneficial organisms and microbes.

Accumulation of Fats, oils, and greases(FOG) on floors, walls and in grease traps, are a major cost to food establishments. FOGs can cost time and money if not effectively remediated and controlled.  In most restaurants, FOGs are a constant hygiene and management challenge.  FOGs are found on most kitchen surfaces, floors, drains and in the legally mandated grease traps. 

Grease traps aim prevent the FOG from entering the water system; but they are often not enough.  Costly maintenance and service calls to prevent foul odors, blockages and pest mitigation are required.  Poorly designed or maintained grease traps are a health hazard to staff and customers and can be a major financial risk to your business through health department fines, services calls for blockages, pest control and even business closure.

Detergents, cleaning products, hot water, and enzyme-based food preparation when mixed with certain FOGs can reduce the ability of the grease trap to process and release affluent into the sewer system.  They also cause blockages in the grease trap and further down the drainage system.  Animal and vegetable based FOGs are more difficult to treat because of poor water solubility, thus leading to odors and costly blockages.

FOGs are hydrocarbons.  Long chain hydrocarbons are extremely difficult to break down, presenting problems for restaurant businesses.   Gaia Klēn EcoFlush bacteria break down long chain hydrocarbons quickly and efficiently.  More importantly, they break  down long chain hydrocarbons in an environmentally friendly manner with no chemicals.  EcoFlush is water based, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-hazardous and non-flammable.  It meets EPA Safer Product Standards.

This process is fast and cost-effective while providing adequate protection for human health and the environment.

The long-term benefit of using Aqua is that it facilitates biodegradation by natural means.

EcoFlush – Environmental Cleanup