Bioremediation Products for Eco-Friendly Cleanup Solutions!

Contaminated Water (Industrial Effluent)

Our product thrives in aerated effluent and eliminates hazardous organisms organic toxins.

• From the first treatment one can expect to observe the elimination of  C.O.D’s   (chemical oxygen dependence) and oils, fats and greases.

• All discharge and byproduct is environmentally friendly, and the treated effluent is  ideal nutrient-rich irrigation water.  It has all the minerals in safe organic compounds which are suitable for human consumption. 

• Recycling the output adds additional value to the economic proposition of our solution to our customers.

Contaminated Water Clean-Up

Wastewater Treatment; Sewage; Polluted Bays/Lakes

• Our technology destroys all pathogens in raw sewage and other water pollutants (E. Coli, Cholera and  Nocardia). This is achieved as our technology consumes the compounds which pathogens thrive on

• Our technology de-nitrifying action transforms the sewage’s nitrogen content into nutritious substances which vegetation can readily absorb and in which marine life can thrive.

• Our technology begins to eliminate E. Coli bacteria in a period of two hours. The time  factor is due to the natural life of E. Coli bacteria whereby the only way to eradicate effectively

• The discharge byproduct is a nutrient rich fertilizer that can be used for agricultural purposes.