Bioremediation Products for Eco-Friendly Cleanup Solutions!

Proven Use Cases for Gaia Klén

1. Aquaculture – Fish and shellfish farming, cleaning of contaminated water, fish waste and industrial effluent; fish grow faster and healthier; use outcome from waste products for agriculture fertilizer and land regeneration.

2. Fruits and Veggies Applications

1.Direct treatment of farm soil to accelerate plant growth, increase yield and resilience, and longer shelf life for transportation to consumers. 2.Treatment of Chicken Farms and Piggeries to remove odors and eliminate air quality concerns, restores soil, and converts chicken and pig waste into humus for use as fertilizer.

3. Soil Remediationand Separation 

1.Industrial use for Crude and Bunker oil soil remediation 2.Desulfurization of Crude oil and Bunker fuel

4. Fire Suppression – Organic solution for jet fuel, gasoline, and explosive fires.

5. WasteWater  and other Water Treatment  – Removes pollutants to return fresh and salt water to productive use for human, marine life, and other purposes