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Wastewater Treatment – Farm Clean Up – Fire Suppression

Here are some of our ongoing projects.  Please check back for updates.

After the wars were over the last few decades, many oil wells, and pipelines were damaged or destroyed leaving crude oil to spill and get pumped into the open lands.  The resulting oil lakes and polluted soils are serious environmental and safety issues.  

In a partnership with an environmental company, Gaia Klēn has been contracted to extract oil and clean the soil in the area managed by the Northern Oil Company.

• Soil Remediation – Aramco Shell Refineries Xompany – Jubai. At the site of Aramco Shell there is Two heavy end sludge waste stockpiles. They were excavated from in situ material adjacent and unknown volume of material recovered from the heavy and sluge “cake”- previously processed by others.

• Misk Lake Sewage Sludge to a representative equivalent of safe organic matter in Soil-Breeman, Jeddah. The sewage lake has been intensively used as one of the disposal sewage system for the city of Jeddah. Testing for pathogenic contamination with E. Coli , Salmonella, Staphylococcus aures and Pseudomonas areougenose.

• A private farm in Hofuf applied our technology because land usage was  reduced by 25% due to water constraints.

• Our technology solution increased their  Alfalfa yield by 32% with no additional water requirement.

Wastewater Treatment – Farm Clean Up – Fire Suppression

• A semi-enclosed shallow body of water extending approximately 35 km inland.

• During the last few decades, marine environment experienced adverse incidents on a regional and local scale threatening the quality of water and the ecosystem in general. Source of pollutants is illegal direct sewage discharge, power plant discharge, oil spills from port operation or ships activities and dumbed old ships.

• The combination of Gaia Klēn and sustained oxygen levels will break down all organic pollutants, temperature and pollution stratification.

• Nano-bubbles will aerate the seawater to be between 200,000 and 1,000,000 Nano-bubbles per cubic mm

• Our technology will break down H2S, NH3 in seawater within the first minutes of application. The only by product will be CO2 and top soil composition.

• No chemicals of any sorts are used in this mix.

• It’s safe for all forms of living matter, plants, crustaceans, by valves, fishes, humans and all that is found in the sea.

Demonstrating Rapid Tar Sands Hydrocarbon Separation

• Oil sands are made up of several different reservoirs consisting of different amounts of heavy oil and crude oil. These sites are mainly nearby to each other, and many are located within the Uintah Basin, which is a section of the province of Colorado Plateaus .


Contaminated Water Clean-Up-Illegal Dumping Corno River

Representative Projects Contaminated Water Clean-Up

• The Corno river had been  problematic to inhabitants of the  Valletta region since  1902. This was due to sewage  dumping and other animal  waste dumping over most of a  century.

• The odor and pathogens from the river had reached levels  where people could no longer comfortably live near it.

• The project was to rehabilitate the river in June  2004 with a 6 month plan.

• Dosing stations were set up near the inlet  of the raw sewage to the river. • Our product was applied in quantities to the discharge pipe of the raw sewage

• After 2 months of treatment earthworms appeared in the soil at the banks of the river.

• The offensive smell and pathogens were completely eliminated

• Vegetation began to grow. The river was no longer classified as dead and a new ecosystem began to thrive.

Grape Production

A commercial grape supplier has been producing export quality fruit since  using our technology which revitalized the soil,  accelerated crop production, and increased the crop yield.

Quick and dramatic results which revitalized the soil, accelerated crop growth, increased crop yield, developed greater resilience, and land developed longer life span for transportation to consumers.