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Gaia Aqua - Gaia Flush - Fire Suppression - Gaia Chickens & Hogs


Gaia Flush natural bacteria quickly  eliminates ammonia effectively.

Indonesia – Shrimp farm

Saudi Arabia – Tilapia ponds


Fire Suppression

• Organic solution for jet fuel, gasoline and other fire suppression.

• This test performed in Saudi Arabia demonstrated Gaia Fire Suppression is effective across a world-wide fire-fighting spectrum of hazards and only the vapor from the fire is released into the atmosphere.

• It is easy to use, extinguishes fire quickly, environmentally friendly and minimizes waste and clean up

Gaia Chicken & Hogs

• Removes 100% of odors from effluent, drains, sewage systems and animal waste.

• Removes ammonia and salmonella from the soil.

• Animals are healthier, increased in weight, and more resilient and showed less mortality, resulting in increased production to maturity.

Soil Remediation

• Our product increases natural microbial and other essential elements in the soil, resulting in increased yield, more resilient crops, and accelerated growth. Bioremediation can be accomplished in situ.

• The end-product of biodegradation of oily sludge is safe carbon dioxide and water.

• During biodegradation CO2 would be generated which is used by plants.

•Our product resulted in dramatic soil remediation In only in 35 days against a common commercial agent.

• Reduced hydrocarbons at a faster rate and achieved 100% elimination in only 35 days (v. 30,000 THC level for common agent.

Industrial Use: Desulfurization of Crude Oil and Bunker Fuel

Industrial Use: Desulfurization of Crude Oil and Bunker Fuel

• Extracting Sulphur from crude oil.

• Our product  achieved an 87% reduction of sulphur from oil reducing  8% sulfur content to only  0.775%